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India is a wild, overwhelming mix of noise, sound and colour. You’ll certainly hate it when you first land in Delhi airport – the people, the pushing, the odd bit of paper you might have to give to the police after getting your bags, the shouting of taxi drivers trying […]

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Paris, France

Paris doesn’t need an introduction. The city of romance, the french waiters arrogance, the old ladies wearing black sweeping the steps outside of their homes as little white poodles run around their feet yapping, the crazy driving that will give any Italian city a run for their money and the […]

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How to get free hotel stays

Using the sign up bonuses on hotel credit cards is the easiest way to start collecting points and earning free hotel stays. Several cards offer large and easy to get bonuses once you’ve hit the spending target meaning you get to spend the night in awesome hotels for free potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.