Living up to its name as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Prague has long been on my list to visit but has some how been bypassed repeatedly when newer (and potentially seemingly more excitingly) short haul flight routes opened up but finally a break in my diary and some decent flight prices made me leap at the chance to visit.

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Prague easily competes with Paris for sheer beauty, due to being filled with a vast number of stunning old buildings and a wild array of towers. The castle (though more of a palace – be prepared to queue) and the world famous Charles Bridge (go in the morning or evening, and climb one of the towers at each end to get a totally different view) complete the postcard perfect picture.

Lonely Planet, and friends, warn of Prague being full of pick pockets and violence but I genuinely didn’t feel this at all and wandered all over the city through back streets late at night, though I was careful not to flash my phone around and to keep my wallet safe (better safe than sorry).

Getting from Prague airport to the city is an easy trip using one of two bus routes which run frequently and cheaply, then connect to the metro stopping at pretty much every point you’ll need to get to. The tickets work on both modes of transport and are based on time rather than routes. Expect it to be crowded during rush hour but other than that it’s clean, tidy and easy to navigate. Ticket machines are at all stops and have a button to change them into English. Having change (coins) is essential though some take contactless cards too. Don’t expect that and none contactless cards certainly aren’t accepted.

The Old Town Square, The Old Town Hall, The Clock Tower, and The Astronomical Clock are definitely highly touristy (people turn up at least 45 mins before hand to watch the clock strike the hour – not worth the wait) but are extremely pretty, surrounded by adorable cafes serving hot drinks and the history in that tiny area is incredible. If you’ve time, go and take a guided tour around the Old Town Hall (disclaimer, I got a free press pass for this) as it takes you through the history of the city, showing you some parts that most people never seen including the back of the Clock where the puppets are kept! The highlight was absolutely going to the top of the Clock Tower, where the view over the city was extraordinary. 360 degrees with a great view of the TV tower with its odd giant babies climbing up its mast, the rooftop of the city, the castle (palace) on the hill, the Hunger Wall (built by peasants in exchange for food) and the fake Eiffel Tower (worth a visit for the view and the trip up the funicular (normal metro tickets work on this too) but expect it to shake in the wind!)

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